Improvements, Juicing, C Blocking, Finally Fixed

So my Bell’s Palsy symptoms are definitely improving.  I am able to smile somewhat and I think my right eye actually is starting to partially blink.  I am on my last day of steroids so I hope the improvement continues.  I feel very fortunate that I am seeing a reversal now instead of months down the road.

Yesterday we had a good full day of sun.  When I got home the batteries on the Yeti were almost charged.  I really wish I had the wifi enabled version that allows me to see what’s going on real time.  Instead I have to use Cindy as my remote monitoring system, asking her to look at the box during the day.  This weekend I have to do some cleaning up of the wires and I should also be able to get a good sense of what sort of numbers the panels are pulling in during peak sun time.

While I was out in the chicken run last night doing my chores and checking on the solar I had to once again chase Daelin around as he was sexually assaulting various hens.  Yes I know it is expected of roosters but I just can’t allow it to happen when I am there.  The hens cry out in pain as he pins them down and then grabs their neck, often coming out with a mouth full of feathers.  So repeatedly I was scaring him away.  He also got a few blasts of the hose.  I think he is starting to understand that I don’t want that going on when I am around.  All I have to do is take a few steps towards him in a menacing fashion and he heads the other way.

Last night I finally got my AnyCubic Chiron working again.  It has been down for almost two months due to another set of wires failing due to fatigue, something that should not happen nearly this quick.  The replacement of the wire had it’s normal hiccups.  At one point I was struggling to figure out how to get the new wire into the old cable chain.  I started popping the chain apart link by link when Cindy realized there was a small tab on each section that could be popped open to allow easy access.  It felt good when the printer finally fired back up and started printing once again.  I had to wipe the dust off the build plate.



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