It ends

Cindy and I finally got to see the Game of Thrones finale last night.  Unfortunately I heard a blurb on the Stern show earlier in the day that revealed who eventually sits on the throne however I did not hear any other details.  I won’t spoil details for you either, I’ll just say that I was not as disappointed with the ending as you read many were online.  I think in the big picture the last season of the show needed more than six episodes to wrap up this epic story.  Certain things happened too abruptly, to the point where they seemed non-sensical at times.  If I were to rate the ending I would give it a B+.  It’s sad to see one of the most epic television productions of all time come to an end but it may only be farewell and not goodbye.  I heard they are already shooting a prequel.

I have been fighting with a hinge on the corner cabinet we have in the kitchen for literally years.  It has had a tendency to work it’s way loose as the door is used which results in an annoying angular gap when it’s closed.  I had tightened the screw so many times the head of it was starting to strip out.  I even tried getting a new screw but still had it slip.  The obvious solution would be to just buy a new hinge assembly, something I have tried to do at least four or five times at various Lowe’s and Home Depot locations.  The issue is this hinge is pretty specialized and not normally stocked evidently.

I last looked for a hinge during a trip to Lowe’s last weekend and struck out once again.  Then just for the hell of it I search Amazon and BANG, there is the hinge I need.  I look for pretty much EVERYTHING in my life on Amazon, why I neglected to do so previously for this hinge is beyond me.  Anyway, the hinge arrived yesterday and I installed it last night.  I added some red loctite to the adjustment screws to hopefully retard future slippage.

I only have one more day in my short work week.  Tomorrow morning I finally have my appointment with the endocrinologist, the guy that I had to wait two months to see and wanted a credit card up front.  My current theory is my come and go fatigue is related to a thyroid issue, something my mom had and my sister has.  It would be great to be able to finally identify the ailment that has been affecting me since late last summer.



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