No Silver Bullet

So today I had my appointment with the endocrinologist, the appointment that took two months to occur.  This is also the place that requires a credit card number just to make an appointment and charges you a missed visit if you don’t confirm the appointment ahead of time.  I went into the visit hoping the guy would say based on my family history of thyroid issues that my problems of the last year are all related to it.   Instead what I got was directives for additional tests like more blood work, a coronary CT, and even a bone density scan.

He seemed more concerned about the coronary calcification that was found on one of the CTs than any of the other medical professionals I have spoken to.  The blood work will be running more thyroid tests and testosterone, although that has been done once before.  I left the office feeling somewhat defeated and frustrated.  There is a growing part of me that just wants to say f it, and just deal with this as my new normal.


  1. George Dondanville May 22, 2019 4:40 pm  Reply

    Don’t do that. Find out what is wrong and get it fixed. you have good insurance so take advantage of that now and find the solution so that you have the best quality life going forward. just my thoughts. your friend george d. Oh i see a guy most mornings on Gulf Shore Blvd North( where Matt S. does his TT) and the guy has an Excel uni-wheeler like yours and I think he is a rep for that company. His name is Danny and he is Asian and a very good musician that Susan has met several times

    • Duf May 25, 2019 2:55 pm  Reply

      Yea I hear you George. I have seen a couple local EUCrs now!

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