Darker, Need a pregnant pause, Chernobyl

I picked up the Tesla from the tint shop late morning.  I decided to just hop back on my EUC to get there, it’s a more fun way to travel.  The tint looked good but the installer did point out two things that annoyed me once again.  A piece of trim by the rear window evidently is not in place as it should be and there are three scuff marks on the rear bumper right around where the paint work was done.  My keen observation skills lead me to believe it was the byproduct of someone not being careful with a buffer when the paint work was being done.  I will see if I can clean them up with some elbow grease and polish but it just adds to my WTF feeling about Tesla quality control and customer service.

Man it feels like I have been bleeding money lately.  Of course the Tesla is the biggest impact but there have been a lot of other major hits coming in rapid succession like medical bills, the window tint, a new pool pump, kitchen faucet, and more.  I need to find a way to hit the pause button on auxiliary spending for a couple months to stabilize financially.  Man I wish we could sell the RV.  RV ownership is akin to boat ownership.  The famous saying of “the two happiest days in a boat(RV) owners life is the day they buy the boat (RV) followed closely by the day they sell it.” (at a huge loss) is really quite accurate.

Cindy and I have been watching the HBO miniseries, Chernobyl, which documents the horrific nuclear meltdown of a Russian nuclear power plant in the mid 80’s.  Of course I remember hearing a lot about it but Russia made a huge effort to hide how cataclysmic the situation was from the rest of the world.  The stories and visuals depicted in the series are shocking.  In a nutshell the Russians addressed some of the most crucial moments of the disaster by sacrificing men who were willing to broil themselves with radiation for some extra rubles.  The series is only five episodes long.  I had to fast forward through sections of the episode last night where they showed how Russian soldiers were ordered to canvas the area around Chernobyl and kill every animal they found, including dogs and cats.  It’s a pretty fascinating and sobering series, I wonder how long until they document the Japan meltdown as well…




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