Fast forward, If you Play you Pay

I do not have a lot of time so this will be a Cliff Notes version of the time period beginning last Thursday.  Thursday and Friday we had our annual tax certificate sale where properties with delinquent taxes are auctioned off.  The bidders pay the taxes and when the property owner finally settles up the winning bidder gets a percentage of amount owned ranging from 5-18%.  It’s pretty boring for me as I am there to put out a fire if one pops up, which hasn’t happened for years and years.  It al least gave me an opportunity to get about halfway through the new book Howard Stern released recently.

The weekend was a rare occasion where it felt like I had a near perfect balance of chores, work, and fun.  Saturday afternoon I finally got around to some Tesla mods that I had parts for for a couple weeks.  It involves changing the struts on the frunk and trunk so they open on their own when activated.  Neither mod was difficult and I liked the end result.  It’s helpful to have the lid open up when approaching the vehicle if your hands are full.  I also discovered that my car does have the newest driving computer that is required when Full Self Driving is released.

Saturday night we watched Return To Hades 2 a movie that may have went straight to Blu-Ray.  It features Stallone, 50 Cent and Dave Batista among others.  It was a sort of bizarre action flick which couldn’t climb out of a B rating for me, Cindy rated it lower.

Sunday morning Cindy and I went out on an extended ride down near the beach, something we had not done for quite awhile.  We had a lot of fun just exploring and wound up eating lunch at Royal Scoop Ice Cream.  Ironically no ice cream was consumed during the visit.

Later in the day Cindy and I did another thing we haven’t done in a long time, played in the pool.  We spent close to a half hour passing a small beach ball back and forth like a volleyball.  It was fun as we dove, stretched and extended to hit the ball.  I felt fine last night but woke up this morning with intense pain in the lower left quadrant of my back.  I was walking like an 85 year old.  It was a depressing realization that something as simple a pool horseplay could have such ramifications.  Getting old is such fun.

Last night I had another live stream, my 25th episode.  I had a lot to talk about and the stream crossed the two hour mark however the real time attendance was quite low, never crossing 15 simultaneous viewers.  I usually wind up getting a total of 300+ views after the fact but I have definitely thought about just ditching the scheduled stream if viewership doesn’t pick up.

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