Second day soreness

Whatever I did to tweak my back on Sunday while playing pool games came back even stronger today.  When I got up this morning the lower left portion of my back felt like it had a knife jammed into it.  I took two Advil to take the edge off which seemed to help yesterday.  I am hoping for similar relief today as lower body weight work is on the agenda.  It could be challenging to pull off.

I have an after hours project at work that we planned to do this evening.  Just to be safe I visited the branch where the work is to occur to make sure there weren’t any hidden snafus that could be a show stopper.  I was glad I took that extra step as I did identify a wiring problem that would have prevented the work from being done.  We are trying to come up with a plan of action to work around the issue.

Although a lot of my job requires base technical knowledge, what really makes me successful is the ability to troubleshoot.  It’s just a skill that some people have and others don’t.  When plan A fails, I already have plan B, C, D in the mental pipeline.  It’s something that serves me well in many aspects of life.





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