Parked itself, Good thing….I hope, Dad day

Since I have owned the Tesla I have tried several times to get it to back itself out of the garage, unsuccessfully.  Last night I went a step further, I had it try to park itself instead.  Before doing so I moved our parking assist balls out of the way.  I theorized that the Tesla was seeing them as obstacles and was part of the reason my tests failed before.

So it took several tries but the car did eventually park itself nicely.  One issue is the entrance to the garage is not clean, there is a small ledge that the car was stopping on, thinking it was an obstacle.  I may have to devise some way to smooth out the garage entrance at some point.   This morning I was able to back it out on it’s own as well.  This is kind of a useful thing for me as the room to get out of the car when parked is pretty tight.  Being able to unload/load and let the car park and back out on it’s own is a cool perk if the Tesla can do it consistently.

Yesterday Katie got exciting news that they were approved on the mortgage for a house.  To be quite honest the news was surprising to me as conventional income to mortgage formulas evidently seem to no longer apply.  It makes me worry that predatory banking practices are now back in full force where people are getting slammed into mortgages that they realistically can not afford and then it’s their burden to bear.  Hopefully I am wrong.  If things go as planned they sign the papers in a couple weeks.

Father’s day is this weekend.  Cindy always tries to do something for me on Father’s Day even though I am technically not a father.  Of course I assume that role with the animals but I really don’t expect any special dispensation.  I plan to work this weekend as always, it’s what helps me keep ticking.

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