Earlier is better, Repeat, Extreme

As I talked about, I did my track run early Saturday morning instead of during the sweltering heat of a June evening in Florida.  The change in schedule definitely was beneficial as the temperatures were about 20 degrees cooler than what I dealt with the prior two weeks.  I didn’t wear any sort of timing device for the run but I can tell you that physically I felt better both during and after the event.  For the remainder of the summer, meaning into October, if I run, it’s going to be early.

I tended to various tasks during the day.  We stopped at Home Depot for me to grab almost 20 bags of top soil.  I want to use it as part of my ground elevation project that I will be taking on during my staycation.  I have a pallet of sod that is supposed to arrive on Wednesday.  I am hoping the 500 pieces of grass will allow me to raise some of the low spots that are closest to the house.  Depending on how it goes, I may be ordering a lot more pallets in the future, it’s much cheaper overall than buying it 30 pieces at a time from Home Depot.

Late Saturday afternoon Cindy and I made a trip to the movies, something we had not planned earlier in the week.  I had heard about the re-release of Avengers Endgame with the bonus scenes and post credit stuff.  I loved the movie so much I was ok seeing it again in the theater, something I have NEVER done before in my life.  We also ate our dinner inside the theater for the first time since the three hour long film progressed straight through supper time. It was somewhat challenging to eat a shrimp taco in the dark.

Despite only seeing the movie for the first time two months ago it was no chore to sit through it again.  It was interesting as you would see quick shots and mini-scenes that were added to the re-release.  Multiple times Cindy and I looked at each other and said “I don’t remember that”.  Even though I knew what was going to happen, I still had emotional reactions to certain scenes, I just couldn’t help it.  The post credit stuff was cool as well and got me even more excited to see the new Spiderman movie over 4th of July weekend.

Sunday morning Cindy and I went to ride at North Collier Park on the One Wheel and her Minipro.  I had not ridden the One Wheel in awhile, despite it being the most fun PEV I have.  Cindy and I had fun during the ride and as you can tell from the video, things got a little EXTREME at times.

I also shot a brief video updating the state of the coop solar equipment which for the most part has been running great.

Katie and Daniel started the moving process this weekend.  They don’t have much stuff but they don’t want to actually sleep there until they have internet at the house which for most millenials is as important as running water.

I have a super brief two day work week followed by seven days off in a row.  As mentioned I have the sod project on the books but I also have a number of other things to get handled during that time.



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