Same as the rest

Yesterday followed a similar path to the rest of my staycation, getting stuff done.  I was out the door early to get to Home Depot and pick up Sadie before the AC guy got to the house for a supposed 9 AM appointment.  When 10:30 rolled by and no one was there I called in to ask what was up.  Juli, the company owner, whom I set the appointment up with the day before answered.  I told her that nobody had shown up yet.  She told me she had no appointment in the book for me.  I reminded her I just talked to her the day before and we set it up.  She then remembered but said she forgot to put it in her appointment book.  The good news was she had a guy that could still stop by in an hour or so.

The AC maintenance went ok.  I realized that it has been almost 10 years since my system was replaced which is significant since I believe the warranty expires after that point.  The tech mentioned some services I may want to look into for my next service like duct cleaning which costs a good chunk of change.  I also am going to need to replace my UV bulb sooner rather than later.

Later in the day Cindy and I followed Katie back to their house.  I had redone the computer I got from my accountant which included putting more memory, a SSD hard drive, and a different video card into the box.  The PC will be used by Katie.  We brought Elsa and Sadie along.  As usual Elsa spent most of the time hiding while Sadie was all over the house exploring every corner she could.

The Red Triangle of Death has popped back up on the Prius which is not great news.  I checked my paperwork and the battery was first replaced at the beginning of June last year so the one year warranty has expired.  I used my code reader to clear the error.  I told her if the light stays off it could be good for awhile but if it comes back on in a day or two the pack is likely going to need to be replaced again, which cost me about $900.

Late in the afternoon I got out on an EUC for only the second time during the staycation.  I was testing a new mount for my GoPro.  I expected the sound to be shit with this configuration, and it was.  I am going to be trying out an external microphone set up in the future to see if it is a good alternative.

I still have two weeks of vacation on the books and my roll over date is mid-August.  It looks like just as I did last year, I will be “selling” one of those two weeks to get some extra bucks.  My preference would be to actually use the time conventionally but since we have been unable to work in a road trip the last couple years, which is what big chunks of time off normally go towards, I have a surplus instead.  I could use the money anyway to help knock down some expenses.


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