New best halfway in, Worm

Last night I boxed up my biggest EUC stand order to date.  An EUC dealer in Australia was interested in buying six stands for his customers.  Sending to the other side of the planet is not cheap, the shipping alone was over $66, sending it the cheapest way I could.  I then woke up this morning to two more orders which I hurriedly packed up before leaving for work.  The end result of this is I have over $700 in sales in September, my best month ever, and it is barely more than halfway done.  It’s getting kind of crazy.

I have not been putting aside 30% of the proceeds for taxes at the end of the year, figuring my over withholding that I do every year from my normal paycheck will cover it.  If numbers keep escalating like this that will no longer be the case.   The sales figures are a little misleading as there are so many costs that come right back out of that gross sales number.  I would guesstimate at least half of it.  Filament, shipping costs, stainless steel nuts/bolts, candy, stickers, and of course electricity consumed adds up to a pretty hefty number.  Add in the costs of all of the 3D printer I use in the process and we are probably closer to break even.  The good news is when tax time does come around all of those supplies and equipment can be deducted back out.

This morning when Cindy was cleaning the coop she saw some disgusting worms in the poop in one area of the mat, meaning at least one of the birds has an active worm infestation which is bad news.  My bet is it is Kathy, who has been acting pretty low energy recently.  We have been trying to do natural deworming using cayenne pepper and tumeric mixed into their food but we are going to need to do more.  I am stopping after work to get some dewormer and special feed that is designed to naturally deworm as maintenance.  Wet season is the worst for the hens because they insist on drinking the disgusting standing water.  Once I know for sure the standing water is behind us I am definitely getting that entire area elevated and sodded to fix the problem permanently.

Today I am supposed to have a replacement I3 Mega printer arrive to take it’s spot for the Mega I spent hours not fixing.  I installed an all metal hot end in my CR10S Pro last night as well which will hopefully result in more consistent prints.

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