Best of both worlds, Failed, By Candlelight

With all of the riding I do in bike lanes of busy roads, a full face helmet is the best option for sure, and I have one.  The problem is drinking coffee, one of my favorite things to do while riding an EUC is impossible with that style helmet so I wind up wearing my skate helmet if I plan to be drinking.  Yesterday a solution to that issue arrived at the house.

This is a full face helmet that my buddy Marty has been using for a few months.  It’s a high quality unit with a windshield, drop down sun visor AND a moveable chin guard.  By releasing one button you can rotate the chin guard up and out of the way, allowing coffee consumption without compromise.  Once the coffee is done I can simply rotate the piece back down.

With the guard rotated up it does look a bit weird but riding an EUC looks weird so it’s no big deal to me.  I look forward to giving it a real world test soon.

So the massive print I was attempting failed somewhere in the middle of the night.  There was a power glitch that may have caused it.  This printer does have a tendency to just stop on long prints at times so I am thinking I may try it on my newly upgraded CR10S Pro.  It won’t be quite as big as on the Chiron but it will still be HUGE.

We had another power hit as I was getting ready for work, a real one that turned the house dark for about 20 minutes or so.  Luckily the lights came back on just as I got done manually opening up the garage door.  Random unexplained power failures is something our electric company is very good at providing.

My second Prusa 3D printer is supposed to arrive at the door today.  I am hoping to be able to get it up and running quickly if possible as tonight the Eagles play the Packers in Thursday night football.  I am not feeling good about the Eagles chances and have already conditioned myself for the reality of a 1-3 start.


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