(Almost) Face to face, Second opinion

Last night as Katie was leaving with DJ Cindy came running into the house saying the bear was out there.  Cindy is very scared of the bear where as I have much more curiosity than fear about it.   I went outside but did not immediately see anything.  I went to the other side of the house and heard a bang like something falling over.  I looked over at the neighbor’s garage about 50 feet away and saw the big black bear looking for edible items.  I said something like “what you doing buddy?”  He stopped, looked at me and went back to rummaging.  By the time I got Cindy to come look he had moved on.

There has been a ton of bear activity in our area in the last year or so.  The bears have learned that trash containers are food containers.  Despite a sustained effort to remind people to not leave trash outside, they continue to do so, so the bears keep looking for it.  Maybe I am being naive but for whatever reason I just don’t feel if I came face to face with one of these black bears that they would instinctively act aggressively towards me.

Today I have another solar company coming to give me some numbers on a potential project.  Now that I have something to compare it to, I have a solid set of questions to ask to contrast and compare answers to.  The more I think about the prospect of supplying all of my power via the sun the more appealing it is.  The sales guy from yesterday did come back with slightly revised downward numbers, knocking somewhere around $1500 off the quote.  I really did like the presentation and the company, so depending on how I feel about the guy from today I may just be using it for more leverage towards better pricing.

My 100 hour massive Christmas Village print completed overnight.  It came out great.  I can hardly wait till Cindy gets done painting it.



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