Looking for a jug, WTF is he doing

The commute last night was rather frustrating, especially when I later realized the Tesla was trying to help me avoid that frustration.   I normally have the navigation system on during my commutes not because I forget how to get to work or how to get home but to give me ETAs of my arrival.  Last night as I was about halfway home I noticed the car was telling me to go a different route which was odd.  I ignored the advice and continued home as I always do.  Wow did I ever pay for it.

Even though my SR+ model does not show real time traffic information like more expensive models do, it does take traffic information into account when planning a route.  Last night it saw the incredible quagmire on Immokalee Road and it was trying to steer me around it.  The end result of my actions was my commute taking an hour and a half.

Sitting in traffic is never fun but when you just slammed an afternoon large coffee expecting your commute to take a normal amount of time it can be almost tortuous.  By the time I got home it felt like my bladder was going to explode.  On the positive side, there is not a better vehicle to be stuck in 3-4mph traffic in.  With the car in autopilot mode it will deal with all of the endless stopping and starting without intervention, allowing you to focus on being pissed off.

The most aggravating thing was I NEVER saw a cause for the traffic disaster.  I saw a single ambulance go past us and then go back the other way.  Other than that all I saw was a community patrol car that had a Maxima pulled over in a turning lane.  It was not a fun commute whatsoever.  You can be assured the next time the car suggests an alternate route out of the blue, I will take it.

The headline yesterday was how Trump decided to pull US special forces out of Syria which supposedly will lend itself to more instability in that particular region.  I won’t pretend that I know anything about the situation in that area but I can tell you I was surprised by the bi-partisan backlash about it.  It pissed off pretty much everybody because it negates a clear commitment that was made.  I really can give you no logical explanation for much that Trump has done over the last three years but somehow it manages to keep sitting the lunacy bar higher and higher.  Hell paying 140k to keep a stripper quiet about your affair seems like just another normal day in the DC.  Please, end the embarrassment, just resign.


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