Before the shuffle

Last night we had DJ.  When we babysit him in the evening it can be rough as many times he gets grexy that time of day it seems.  He was a little better last night which was cool.  As he gets older he becomes more and more interactive with the world around him which is neat.    He seems to like me, usually I can get a smile out of him with a funny face.

I am on the doorstep of a three day weekend.  Unfortunately it isn’t for fun, it’s to clear out all of our carpeted rooms so the ridges can be pulled out.  I am hoping all of this effort is worth it.  When it comes time to redo the carpet the next time I think there is a good chance the office and the hobby room will become hard surface flooring. I have so much 3D printing demand that I plan to continue production even after the hobby room is ripped apart.  My hope is to set up the benches in the garage and let the printers continue in there during the work.

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