Early arrival, Dark Fate, Held On, New Plan

Friday evening started with another rowing session.  Every time I choose to row instead of run I feel a slight pang of guilt.  The biggest tether to me running lately has been lower back pain which will only get amplified by 5K of pounding.

Most of my Saturday morning was spent outside between chicken chores, weeding and then weed whacking the property which was well overdue.  Running the weed whacker for over an hour and a half is not my idea of a good time.  After lunch we headed to Home Depot for a few items, well we headed out, came back and headed out again.  The reason for this was my KS 16X wheel showed up EARLY which was unbelievable.

After a weather delay out west FedEx had the wheel delivery scheduled for Monday which bummed me out. I hadn’t bothered to check the tracking again Saturday morning.  We got the notice on our Ring literally two minutes after leaving the house.  Cindy told the guy to have the neighbor sign.  I swung a U-turn to go grab the 60 pound box and put it in the house.  To have a FedEx wheel delivery show up early is unheard of in my world.  Usually the box is later than promised, spending an extra day or two collecting dust in the central Florida distribution center.  I’m not sure why my box got fast tracked this time but it was a very pleasant surprise.  I unboxed the wheel and took it on a very quick test ride just to make sure everything was in good working order, it was.

Saturday night Cindy and I went out to dinner and to see the new Terminator movie.  Instead of eating at the theater we chose to eat at a restaurant nearby.  It was an interesting combo of Italian and sushi cuisine.  The place had a cozy atmosphere, our waitress was very nice and we both enjoyed our meals a lot, probably too much, as we ate more than we probably should have.  We will be sure to patronize the place again.

I was looking forward to Dark Fate, it looks like the rest of the country was not since the movie only pulled about $29 million on it’s opening weekend, a weak number. I thought it was cool that James Cameron was once again involved in the film and I didn’t care that the plot of this movie ignored the existence of all Terminator movies after T2.  It was was interesting seeing Linda Hamilton, who I was very hot for back in the 90’s, reprise her role as Sarah Connor.  She is still in great physical shape but a lifetime of smoking cigarettes did her no favors otherwise.  Despite the box office numbers, I thoroughly enjoyed the film.  As a lifelong Terminator fan I feel an A rating is merited.

Sunday morning I took my new 16X out for it’s first Dunkin Donuts ride.  It was an enjoyable ride although it was a bit speed limited due to a configuration change I needed to yet make.  During the ride I talked about a number of things including a weird situation I read about in one of the EUC groups.  A week or two ago a group of guys were riding in the LA aquaducts which were mostly dry except for the side channels.  One of the guys was trying to do a trick and came off his wheel.  Instead of falling over however, the wheel continued to stay upright and roll away from him, right into the water which fried the wheel. It was very unlucky.

Well this post was to advertise a GoFundMe created by someone to buy this guy a new wheel to replace the one that went swimming.  This immediately struck me as odd and I talked about it at length in the video.  The GoFundMe was created by someone else but the guy whose wheel it was posted the link to the “charity”.  In the comments for the GoFundMe the owner of the wheel claimed he could easily afford to buy a new wheel which seemed extremely odd to me as he was promoting others paying for the wheel instead.  Anyway I didn’t agree with using crowd sourcing for this situation and I expressed it.  I got a few negative comments about my opinion but that’s all that it was, my opinion.  I have a lot of them that you either embrace or disregard, it doesn’t matter to me.

Another thing I talked about was the change of plans for my birthday.  On Friday I almost pulled the trigger on a quick cruise for the occasion but potential hurdles Cindy presented derailed the idea.  Instead now I think the plan is to do a quick three day mini road trip which will include visiting Galaxy’s Edge in Orlando and the Kennedy Space Center.  It should be a different but equally cool kind of fun.

I watched the Eagles/Bears game.  During the first half they DOMINATED the Bears and should have had a much bigger lead but they repeatedly traded touchdowns for FG’s when in the red zone.  In the second half they allowed the Bears, who literally had ZERO yards of offense in the first half to get rolling.  Luckily the Birds were able to close out the game with a prolonged drive late that sealed the deal.  It was shaping up as a classic Eagles prevent defense collapse up until that point.  It was nice to get a win to inch above the .500 mark but I don’t have a real strong feeling that this team is going anywhere lofty this season.





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