My normal routine after work is to get changed and then go out and have my evening chicken visit.  This visit includes things like scooping poop in the run, giving them various treats, and cleaning/refilling their water if Cindy had not done it earlier.  This was the first time doing that since the clocks fell back.  The time change paired with overcast skies meant it was already well on it’s way to getting dark by the time I got out there. I rushed to do my tasks but I had one more to work on, the chicken door from the coop to the run.  Cindy reported it stopped working during the day.  So after giving the hens treats I pulled a bucket in front of the automatic coop door and started to take it apart.

When I started I already had a couple birds in there with me, up on the perch.  As I continued my investigation I soon had all nine hens observing me.  Ginger, the chicken that seems most attached to us positioned herself right next to me and was eye to eye.  I petted her a few times during breaks in the work.  The original problem was the plug to the motor had worked it’s way loose, something that happens over time from vibration.  I plugged it back in and thought all was well until the door came slamming down meaning the string that supports it has now also broken, great.

I took the door back apart and temporarily threw a new piece of string in place to get me by until I can do the work without a coop full of chickens.  Surprisingly the birds seemed to hold off pooping on the mats while I was in there.  I appreciated the consideration.

My new multi-material upgrade for the Prusa showed up yesterday but I don’t plan to attempt building the add on until the weekend when I have a decent time buffer allowed.  It should consume far less time than the original printer build but I am sure it will have it’s own set of challenges.  Luckily I do have a three day weekend ahead of me courtesy of Veterans Day.  I am targeting it as tree trimming weekend as well, hooray.

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