Verify, Back

So I have been in a holding pattern for our solar system install for over a month.  After them doing the site survey the day after signing the contract I was impressed at how quickly they moved.  I hoped it meant everything would move at this pace.  The permits were submitted quickly as well but nothing has been issued as of today.  I have checked with the solar construction manager twice since then and he said the hold up is on the county side with their slow processing of permit applications.  I believed the explanation as there is a established history of permitting being slow in our area.

Well with the passing of another week I thought I would try to look at the status of this permit myself, which I could do via the public web site.  I was not happy with what I found.  In there it shows a letter notifying the contractor of an incomplete application was filed on October 11th and then AGAIN on October 30th.  Basically this meant that the delay all this time has not been due to the county, it’s because the contractor submitted incomplete applications, twice.

Now the construction manager is not the one that submits these permits so there is a good chance he did not know the details of the delay but it still pisses me off nonetheless.  I sent my findings to him with a request to verify that all required paperwork has now been submitted successfully.  Just to cover my bases I also sent an email to the permitting department to verify the same, just so I can call out bullshit if it is presented to me once again.  I should know by now that trusting the word of others is a crap shoot in today’s world.  I am hoping this is the one and only snafu in my solar conversion project.

My lower back has been flaring up once again.  Despite that I opted to do smith machine squats yesterday at the gym.  I didn’t feel any “oh shit” moments doing the reps but I am sure paying for it now.  Getting out of bed was ridiculous and walking was a painful process.  I immediately popped a couple Advil to take the edge off the pain.  I need to make a pretty rapid recovery as the massive annual tree trimming project is on the calendar, written in permanent marker.


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