Get what I pay for, Just going to grind

Yesterday I initiated a claim on the Ipad Air we have had for years.  The power button on the tablet stopped functioning ages ago but for some reason it never occurred to me that this is covered under the device insurance policy I have been paying for monthly.  Filing the claim was very easy and since the tablet is probably at least four years old, I wind up getting an upgraded model sent to me with 4X the memory, a sweet deal.  Assuming the migration goes ok Cindy should have a brand new tablet all ready to go by the end of the weekend.

My lower back pain has persisted despite efforts by myself and Cindy to remedy it.  Last night she put her TENS device on the painful area for some electro-stim.  It helped somewhat but I still am limping around this morning when tasked with walking.  At this point I have no doubt the pain will be with me tomorrow for the tree trimming bonanza.  My plan is to set the alarm so I am outside as day breaks to maximize my time working in cooler conditions. I have a long history of grinding through unpleasant tasks so I expect this to just be another more painful example.  I will be on a steady diet of Advil to help me get through the day.

The other project I hope to accomplish will test my patience more than my body.  I want to put together the MMU2 unit for my Prusa printer which will allow me to utilize up to 5 different filament color/type in a single print.  Outside of that I hope the rest of my three day weekend will include resting up from the abuse I subject my body to tomorrow.


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