Yes there is long year end recap to read but I thought I would drop this in as well.  Yesterday I sat down to eat my traditional breakfast of eggs, toast and orange juice, just like do every morning of a workday.  I took a sip of the OJ and cringed, it tasted odd, almost like orange flavored water.  I took another sip to verify it tasted odd.  I went a step further, dumping the OJ, shaking up the bottle better and pouring myself some more.  It still tasted the same.  I told Cindy that I thought there was something wrong with the OJ.  She said she would return it later.  She didn’t want to taste out of my glass because of my illness coodies.

So I thought nothing further of it until I ate my packed lunch.  Again, everything tasted odd, almost like it had no taste at all.  It then hit me, my sense of taste is messed up again.  The night before when I was sucking on a cough drop I recall thinking it didn’t really taste like anything as well.  When I told Cindy this she said that both her and Katie tasted the OJ and it was normal, confirming my taste buds are on the fritz.

This concerned me somewhat as the only other time I lost my sense of taste was prior to the onset of Bell Palsy in April.  I certainly did not want to be going down that road again.  As a precaution I did a couple eye closing and smile tests during the day to ensure my face is still functioning otherwise.  This feeling of illness is now crossing the one week mark and unfortunately today I probably feel the worst so far.

Cindy and I have no NYE plans, despite it being the end of the decade.  I can probably count the amount of times I have gone out on New Years since moving to Florida on one hand, I just don’t find it that appealing.  Not feeling well  pretty much puts the nail in the party coffin.  Luckily Cindy is not real big on NYE celebrations either so she is fine with us doing whatever.  I woke up over an hour early this morning from coughing so I will be more tired than usual anyway.

Like I mentioned in the year end recap, if I make it to the end of the next decade I would be on the cusp of retirement.  That fact is a bit shocking to me, considering how quickly the last 10 years have transpired.  Have fun tonight, regardless of what fun means to you.  For me it may mean getting another  couple levels on one of my WoW characters.



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