Some sanity, The war continues, No cold

You may recall I talked about the new equipment that was brought into the gym and the unexplainable shuffling of things which seemed poorly thought out, if thought about at all.  One of the very annoying changes was the moving and shrinking of the area for free weights, it was nearly chopped in half.  Yesterday someone was in there undoing that mistake.  They had a pallet jack out on the gym floor moving the machines that were haphazardly placed in the middle of the free weight area.  They aligned and condensed them allowing the free weight area to open up close to the size it was previously.  The staff at this Planet Fitness rarely do something I approve of but here is at least one example of somebody there having a modicum of common sense.

So my ongoing conflict with rodents in our yard continues.  This past weekend I buried electric to power three sonic pest repellers in the big shed.  I have had those sonic deterrents in the coop area for over a year and they seemed to be doing their job however recently there have been signs of more activity.  On my way into work Cindy called me from the coop saying she just saw a large rodent in there so my efforts need to intensify.  I will be setting my live traps once again to capture and relocate the animals.  Yes it would be easier to throw down lethal traps but my inner objection to killing animals is so strong that I would only consider it as a last resort.

The cold that came on so slowly and hit me long but not hard seems to be almost out of my system finally.  It appears to be going around in a big way.  I am hoping my experience inoculates me from further winter illness.  I just don’t have time for that shit.

I read about the Iran missile attacks last night.  The stuff I saw seemed to indicate it was more of a “shot over the bow” exercise as at least for now, no deaths were reported.  It certainly makes me feel better knowing that we have such a thoughtful, insightful, and most excellent communicator making the final approval on our military actions.  It was nice that Donald at least recanted his intent to commit war crimes, after somebody apparently slapped him on the back of the head.

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