Late, Another big one, Insane Gains

I had some after hours work at a branch I needed to complete last night.  The rats nest of wiring on the network rack needed to be ripped out and replaced with new high speed, shorter cables.  The job is a bit tedious and attention to detail is important.  I relocated one of the network switches between two patch panels to allow me to replace long 5 foot cables with much tidier one and two foot replacements. After about 90 minutes of work the rack looked dramatically better.  Hopefully it will remain pristine for the foreseeable future.

I had my second 90+ kwh production day in a row out of our solar array.  The high sun amount combined with low temps, which means light AC usage, creates a big surplus condition.  I will need as much surplus as possible during the winter months to make up for the AC use in the summer.

Wow it seems like the Iowa caucus was a huge cluster f.  They STILL don’t have any official results.  I wonder if it will be enough to get them to trash the silly and gimmicky caucus system which makes little sense to me.  Why are Iowans unable to simply cast a vote for their preferred candidate like the rest of us?

Tesla stock has been experiencing a meteoric rise the last few weeks, currently sitting at close to 900 dollars.  As recently as June you could own the stock for $179.  I now lament my decision to only buy a single share back in May for $226.  If I would have dropped 10k on the stock instead I could have a good portion of my solar system paid off.

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