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Yesterday I received a new addition to my PEV collection,a Gotway MSX 100V.  This EUC is currently recognized as the fastest on the planet with many documented cases of the wheel going over 40MPH.  Now I have no desire to reach those types of speeds on a single wheeled balancing device. I have been interested in getting the MSX to help round out my fleet for the YouTube channel.  The MSX is one of the most popular wheels in the the US, having one would be beneficial for channel content.  It also allows me to have a real life model on hand for possible future 3D projects which is cool.

I hosted a live stream last night to reveal my purchase which I had hyped on recent videos.  A YouTube audience always seems to love when you get new stuff.  I had almost 50 simultaneous viewers at one point during the 75 minute stream, far more than when I used to do a scheduled stream.  This stream had no real prior notice but still pulled in some nice numbers.

After finishing the stream I hopped on the new wheel briefly for a spin down the side streets.  I got a little taste of the power between my legs.  It will be fun to explore some capabilities I have not experienced up until this point on an EUC.

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