The Covid 19 Tsunami

I have realized for awhile that the real threat for Covid 19 was not to me personally, as I am a healthy individual that should not be at risk for severe symptoms.  The issue was the end result of worldwide fear and panic and just how disruptive it potentially could be.  That reality is coming much more clearly into focus the last few days.  Even Trump had to get on national TV last night and sound the alarm bell, despite the falsehoods he was propping up in the days prior where the administration downplayed the risk.

Events involving large groups of people are being cancelled left and right.  Hell they even suspended the NBA season after one of their players tested positive.  As of now they are planning to play the NCAA tournament without fans, which seems unreal, but I would not be shocked if they cancel that altogether as well.  The virus is clearly out in the wild and spreading rapidly.

At my office there is a sign posted by the front door informing people that country government is practicing “social distancing” which involves no physical contact and trying to keep a minimum three foot barrier from other people.  This is nice but I think “social lock up” would work better where unless required, you avoid situations with large groups of people.

Of course I broke that rule last night as I ventured into Costco after work.  I left work early, thinking that may help me avoid some of the horde of people that have been raiding warehouse stores for the last week or two.  Of course I was wrong, the parking lot was packed with people.  As I pushed the cart around the aisles crowded with mostly social security collecting human beings I tried to not think about the germ factory potential that was all around me. My gym attendance is another riskier activity that I have been not abandoned at this point.  I have been trying to be more diligent with cleaning while there but the reality is there so much opportunity for contaminated surfaces at a place like that, I am just rolling the dice every time I step in the door.

Speaking of rolling, the guy that spread my fill and sod was back yesterday with his “roller”.  The machine looks like a mini steam roller.  It’s used to push the sod firmly into the ground beneath and even out the surface.  He was finishing up as I got home.  I talked to him about expanding the project to bring in fill/sod to several other areas around the property that are subject to prolonged standing water during wet season.  It will add up to a good chunk of money but it will be worth it to me if I can avoid needing a canoe to traverse the grounds in July/August.


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