So the fear and panic surrounding the Covid19 outbreak has continued to intensify over the weekend with more and more cancellations and restrictions rolling in at a rapid pace. Hell even the county fair relented and closed up shop last night, almost 10 days early after pressure from state government.  As part of my Saturday errands I made a pit stop at Sam’s to grab some Mexican Cokes.  Just for shits and giggles I pushed the cart to the back corner of the store where paper products and bottled water are kept.  The entire corner was completely barren, not a single item was to be found, amazing.

Luckily we are in a pretty solid position with ample paper towels and a whole house RO water system that makes bottled water unnecessary.  The one thing we were getting a little low on was toilet paper.  I was surprised when I was actually able to order some on Walmart.com which will be delivered to the house today or tomorrow.  Outside of that we are in pretty good shape.

I tried to keep my routines pretty much on track despite the unraveling of society around us.  I still drank DD coffee, I still went to Home Depot and Rural King, I just made sure to be conscious of what was going around me and made sure to grab the sanitizer after exiting the public spaces.  On Saturday afternoon Deb came over to visit.  We rode our PEVs over to the back entrance of the Fair, the closest we would come to attending it this year.  She stayed for dinner.  We drank some wine and watched The Post.  Thanks to the wine I paid little attention to the actual movie but I guess it was B level ok.

On Sunday Deb came over again to ride.  This time we were meeting Katie and the baby at Ave Maria.  Cindy pushed DJ around in the stroller while Deb, Katie and I rolled around.  I brought my Skydio 2 drone along to do it’s first test tracking me on an EUC.  The drone for the most part did an amazing job, zipping around, over, and under obstacles in a mesmerizing fashion.  The only negatives I have found so far are the battery life isn’t fantastic and the drone itself is incredibly loud, so much so that I felt badly flying anywhere near other human beings.  We didn’t stay that long because it was hot as hell.

I spent several hours doing video editing during the afternoon which I also split with trying to fix a problem with one of my Prusa printers.  Despite my efforts the problem remains.  I ordered some parts yesterday to hopefully address the issue.

Time to buckle up for what is going to be one of the most unique times of my adulthood.  Hopefully sanity can prevail in the end, but I wouldn’t count on it.




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