The Covid 19 panic continued at an unabated pace with more bombshells dropping yesterday.  The San Francisco area, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts are on “lockdown” where any non-essential members of the population are encouraged to basically stay home.  The stock market had another crater day, dropping an unbelievable 3000 points, AFTER the fed slashed rates to ZERO.  Last night Ohio cancelled their primary election which was scheduled for today.  Florida has moved forward with their election which is today as well but I am sure turnout numbers will be microscopic.

I fear what we are seeing will in short order be applied nationwide.  I already heard of some government offices in Florida closing shop as of yesterday.  The gym Cindy teaches at is closing as of today and I think that trend will continue to grow, quickly.  This is something new for all of us.  For decades there have been warnings about pandemics and their potential for mass disruption of society.  Whenever we get to the other side of this I can only hope there is a realignment of perspective where people realize that simply hoping/praying bad things don’t happen is not a plan.

Locally our county government declared a state of emergency.  I’m not sure the impact that has on top of all of the other emergency declarations that have been landing in the last two days.  When I try to wrap my head around the fiscal impact this is having around the world I am unable to do so.  I once again count myself as fortunate not being in a situation where my employer could shut down, leaving me high and dry.


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