Constant reality shift

Every day it seems as if we are on a fast moving carousel as the news worsens and the restrictions tighten.  Our office had started limiting the amount of customers allowed in the lobby to 10.  If more than that showed up the rest had to wait outside.  Now there is a very  real chance the governor will close all state offices to the public altogether.  The odd thing is if that happens, all of our employees are still expected to report to work, unless they are willing to burn their personal vacation or sick time to stay home.  They also have the option to take unpaid leave which isn’t a very viable option for most people.  If that happens it will be interesting to see how that plays out in reality since the sole focus of the majority of our staff is over the counter customer transactions.  I question what exactly they would have these people do all day long.  I personally always have stuff that demands my attention so it wouldn’t affect me much.

Last night I decided to fire up the live stream to talk about anything but of course Covid 19 was the big talking point.  One of the things discussed was how difficult it is going to be to get the American public to buy into hard core and strict social distancing behavior.  The biggest hurdle of all to me will be young people who are least likely to be severely impacted by the virus.  In fact they may be carrying the virus and feel no symptoms whatsoever and that is where the danger lies.

If they don’t feel sick they will likely feel little to no need to alter their normal behavior patterns.  However that shortsighted approach can result in many people that are at risk from the virus being infected from non-symptomatic carriers.  EVERYONE needs to get on board with safe and sanitary practices without exception.  Of course the reality is there are far too many people in the world that care about themselves and little else, especially in the United States.  The end result will be more and more draconian restrictions to force people out of crowded environments but still, if individuals do not take personal responsibility for themselves we will still have a monumental problem.

If you are sheltering place and have two hours to kill feel free to watch.

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