Not even close to cresting

The craziness has continued and amplified over the last 24 hours.  From a national level the biggest news was the California governor giving shelter in place orders to the entire state of 40 million+ people.  Locally more restrictions came rushing in, including finally closing the beaches.  The scenes of idiotic spring breakers throwing coronavirus cares to the wind got national traction and disdain.  They officially closed our office to the public today so we enter day one of our new work reality with doors locked to the public.  I am still pressing ahead with our office move project although doing so is requiring more and more force to do so as the systems around us are starting to slow down.

Yesterday I walked over to the campus gym even though I heard it was closed, just to verify it for myself.  They had the hurricane shutters pulled down over the door, ensuring no entry was possible.  To make do I walked up to the top of the parking garage and did a circuit of push ups and body weight squats that got me sucking some wind.  Today I plan to spend my lunch hour riding my One Wheel Pint around, f it.

This weekend will likely have a whole lot of staying put in it as we watch the world devolve around us.

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