Big shoe drop

I neglected to mention yesterday the big news of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being postponed for a year due to Covid 19.  The amount of prep and money that go into hosting the games is colossal, their postponement is indicative of what can be expected over upcoming weeks and months.  Nobody is thinking the virus is going to go away anytime soon, except for President Trump of course. Last night he spewed more ridiculous statements like how he would love to “see churches packed on Easter”.  I mean statements like that are pure insanity and go against not only medical advice but just plain old common sense.  His ability to be out of touch with reality is certainly big league and perfect.

Locally there has been a lot of pressure on the Florida governor to issue a shelter in place order which he has been unwilling to do.  The latest threat has been people from the greater NYC area fleeing the state in droves with a TON of them choosing Florida as their safe haven.  Well of course this inevitably will be bringing more knowingly or unknowingly infected people into the area which will make a bad situation considerably worse.  The governor issued an order that anyone arriving from the NYC area must self quarantine for 14 days.  Of course this is practically unenforceable and many if not most people will ignore the order anyway.

There is also talk of shelter in place orders being issued on a county by county basis.  Collier and Lee county are talking about doing exactly that.  If it does happen I am not quite sure how it will impact my work directly, if at all.  I am continuing to push forward dealing with all of the logistics of opening up a new office.  My next couple days are going to be more or less non-stop.

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