Beach run, Sod soon, The Danger

Yesterday at lunch I decided to do another PEV ride but to a new destination, the beach.  Originally I thought it would take a lot longer than it actually did.  I was concerned I would barely be able to get to the beach and back in an hour.  It turned out my concern was unmerited as I was walking in sand in less than 15 minutes.  I chilled at the beach for 10-15 minutes and still had time to do some riding on Gulfshore and Gordon Drive.  Now that I know I can cover that distance with time to spare I will try to make it part of my normal rotation of lunch destinations, at least until normal gym access is restored.

Speaking of gym access, it seems the lack of resistance training is affecting the scale but not in the way you might think.  My weight is going down, not up.  I assume I am losing some muscle from the lack of weight training.  Some good news physically is I am on my fourth day of my shoulder feeling better.  I have pretty solid range of motion back.  I am tempted to cancel the appointment with the orthopedist but I figure I should still go to get a better idea of what is going on.  I have had pain in that shoulder forever, just not the debilitating type I dealt with the last two weeks plus.

This weekend the sod is supposed to be delivered.  Counting on what Miguel tells me has not been a reliable course of action so far but hopefully this weekend it bucks that trend.  This weekend is also Mothers Day which has become a sad day for me since my Mom passed away in 2014.  I sometimes think about what my mom would think of my life at this juncture.  I have spent most of my adult life working towards goals, learning new skills, accomplishing new projects, and supporting my loved ones.  I have plenty of flaws for sure but at my core I think mom did a good job instilling core morals and work ethic into me, without religion being necessary to provide them.

I think about how my Mom was a little younger than I am now when she swore off relationships, something we always tried to get her to reconsider but she steadfastly refused.  She insisted she enjoyed being alone although I never believed her.  She just tired of being burned again and again by the process to the point where being alone and unhappy was better than being unhappy with someone else.  I still wish Mom was around to talk to about life. Of course I love my dad and do talk to him about life’s up and downs, but I am definitely more cut from mom’s mold as we thought and dealt with things in similar ways.



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