Why we can’t have nice things

Yesterday I may have been a bit too aggressive with my exercise recovery.  After work I tried doing a few pull ups.  I stopped after 6 as the hanging motion just did not feel very accommodating to my shoulder.  I guess I will give my upper body another week of light activity.  I have my first PT therapy session scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  I expect the exercises to be similar to what I was taught over 30 years ago when I went to therapy for my bad left pitching shoulder.  Once I have access to a regular gym it will be easier to more equally exercise both the front and back parts of the shoulder.  I think my doing exclusively pushing exercises for the last 6 weeks fostered an imbalance in the joint that contributed to the problem.

So the big news here over the weekend was the city of Naples shutting down beach access after a week because of people absolutely ignoring any and all social distancing recommendations.  Naples police put a drone up and said they couldn’t even see the sand because people were packed in so tight.  In addition beach goers evidently ignored parking restrictions and threw their vehicles pretty much wherever they could find space.

The Naples city council had an emergency meeting yesterday to come up with a revised beach plan.  There was a lot of disagreement and took four votes until a version of reopening was passed.  Weekday access is pretty much the same although they are stepping up parking fines and enforcement, including vigorous towing. They also are banning coolers and tents.  On weekends is when things get really weird.  They are only allowing beach access from 7AM till 11AM.  The beach is then closed until 5PM where it reopens until sunset.  How in the F is that supposed to work?

Are cops going to shoo people away at 11AM?  It sounds like a logistical nightmare.  I’m glad it isn’t my headache.  Of course this could all have been avoided if people exercised common sense and personal responsibility.  I know expecting that from the masses is not realistic, if it was we wouldn’t have the dolt sitting in the White House that we do.


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