Manipulated, Smoked out

Yesterday I had my first physical therapy session for my right shoulder.  The therapist was a nice guy who gave me a thorough explanation of the physical breakdown of the shoulder and what happens to those structures as we get older.  When I told him the pain started the night after a 200 push up lunch time work out he had much the same reaction as the orthopedist, don’t do that.  He said high rep load bearing exercises are a fast track to premature joint failures as we get into my age range, which is not news to me.

I have for the most part been listening much more to the feedback my body has been giving me the last 5 years.  However I think upping my push up numbers exclusively by a factor of five or six without doing opposing muscle group exercise is the key reason I ran into this wall of pain.  For the first session he did electro-stim on the shoulder and a lot of manual manipulation.  I have every other day sessions starting tomorrow although I don’t think more than a week will be necessary.  Once I get the framework of exercises to do I am good to go, I don’t need someone to motivate me to do them.

There are a bunch of brush fires burning in our area all of a sudden.  I saw huge clouds of smoke on the drive home last night.  This morning it wasn’t bad by our house but as I approached the office it became one big huge smoke screen.  The smoke smell has penetrated everything, there is no escape.


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