An odd scale, President Tweety

Last night I was up until after 10:30 working on server maintenance at the office.  I also had a number of 3D store related tasks to complete.  I awoke tired this morning, as seems to be the new norm.  I seem to consistently be getting at least 1-2 hours less sleep than I used to, which is surely not a positive trend.  As I was plugging away on my VPN session to the office I realized that I had not had a chance to play any appreciable WoW in at least a week.  For a long time I have used my time available to play WoW as a scale of my level of busy.  Based on that, I have been too busy.

The amount of conflicting information out there regarding Covid 19 is mind numbing.  It seems every day there is information that contradicts previous things that were believed to be true.  Masks are bad, masks are good, covid is droplet based one day, it’s an aerosol the next, and now most recently covid having a long shelf life on surfaces is now replaced with infection from surfaces is not common.  I have no doubt there is an intention of obfuscating the truth so no one really knows what the real deal is which helps to nurture and grow the overall environment of fear in society.  It is really frustrating.

I have now taken a shoulder shrug approach to most of what I hear.  I try to take reasonable caution in what I do but don’t obsess over it.  Hell I have even been able to resume going to the county gym this week.  Social distancing inside the gym has been very easy since it has been basically unoccupied.  I did a cautious bicep and tricep workout yesterday.  Not cautious because of covid 19 but because I was being very careful to only do movements that caused no irritation in my right shoulder.  The weight amounts were kept intentionally low, well off what used to be my standard.  Even with reduced numbers I can feel some soreness in those areas since real weight resistance training  has been off the menu for so long.

You would hardly know we are in a presidential election year.  Since Covid 19 has squashed traditional campaigning we have heard very little from Biden, besides a few things he has broadcast from his basement, which don’t get much traction.  However the other day I heard the first thing from Joe in awhile that made me laugh.

We all know one of the things Trump fans like is his affinity for 3rd grade name calling, something in our old reality the country would be embarrassed about in their leaders.  Donald has come up with nicknames for pretty much anyone he has conflict with.  Well Biden threw out a nickname for Trump that I think has staying power, “President Tweety”.  It is so ridiculous sounding yet perfect at the same time.  I hope to hear that name repeated thousands of times in the next few months as I am sure Trump HATES the moniker which so perfectly encapsulates the lunacy which his time in power has become.  Nancy referring to Trump as morbidly obese was another knee slapper.


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