As a Guest, Required

Last night Cindy and I made our first appearance as guests on another Live Stream.  We were on with Black Cobra talking about EUCs and other things for about 90 minutes.  Erwin is a real nice guy and it was a fun stream for sure.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we do it again some time.

Our office went to a mask required mandate last Friday.  The county itself did the same on Tuesday, requiring all residents to use face coverings when inside public buildings with a few exceptions.  For me it means I throw on a mask when I leave my office which I occupy by myself.  I don’t leave it often so it isn’t very impactful for me.  For employees out in public spaces it is the opposite with mask wearing all day long.  I tried to ease the pain a bit by 3D printing a bunch of straps that are designed to make ear worn masks more comfortable by allowing you to hook them behind your head instead of around the ears.

Of course there has been some bitching and complaining about the mandate but to me it’s a no brainer.  With the numbers continuing to escalate we can’t just sit on our hands and hope it goes away.  A mask doesn’t prevent you from getting covid although it does definitely reduce your chance.  It’s most important role is to knock down your transmission circle if you are an asymptomatic carrier.  So many people just don’t understand that.  Please don’t give me the breathing your own CO2 is bad bullshit.  It has been scientifically proven exhaustively that this is an absolute falsehood.

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