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My hope was to get outside after work last night and get the last side of the fence extension posts completed.  Unfortunately Mother Nature had different ideas with steady rain most of the afternoon so I had to postpone the work.  My hope is tonight is rain free so I can get the last 7 or 8 extensions installed which will pave the way for me hanging the fencing material this weekend.  I am excited to be able to let the chickens roam freely once the work is complete, I hate having to slam the door on their face when they try to get out.

Last night I hoped to get some time to just veg out and play WoW but a 3D project I had been putting off got worked on instead.  I am trying to add a filament detection sensor to one of my printers that doesn’t have one. Not having it results in  bunch of failed prints where the filament ends but the printer doesn’t know it so it keeps “printing” in thin air instead of stopping and prompting you to change the filament roll.  Of course the project ran into a snag which I hope to get an answer to soon.

Getting the fencing done is my big goal of the weekend but as always there are many supplementary tasks to fill in the free time cracks and crevices.

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