Chicken Penitentiary

On Friday when I got home I headed outside to get the extension poles hung on the last side of the chicken fence. As I completed the process I shot Part 1 of a video talking about the install, both why we were doing it and how it was supposed to work.

I had the last post secured in less than an hour, setting Cindy and I up to hang the fencing on Saturday. We got started with Phase 2 mid-morning Saturday and worked efficiently.  After hanging the first couple sections Cindy and I developed a system that allowed us to work pretty quickly. By the time we stopped a little after noon for lunch we had the fence initially hung around the chicken area.   During the afternoon we went around and did some more zip tie-ing, attaching the extended fence to the existing fence below.  When we were done it almost looked like the chickens were in prison but as long as it keeps jump happy predators out I didn’t care.  That feeling was reinforced when I saw on the new fence Ring cam that a coyote had jumped the outer fence around midnight the night before.

Cindy and I were both beat up from the all day work outdoors.  Deb came over during the evening and I offered to buy us takeout dinner, Cindy certainly earned it.  We just chilled and hung out.  Cindy and I both slept like rocks Saturday night, we were mutually exhausted.

Sunday morning I had planned to take my new V11 on an extended ride to Home Depot however as soon as I took it off the stand and started rolling it I noticed it sounded different.  I hoped the noise would subside but I wound up turning around less than a mile into the ride to go grab another wheel.  It was making a scraping sound, almost like the bearings were bad.  I have a bad feeling it was related to riding in the rain the weekend before, something that normally is not an issue with an EUC.  So now I will be in a holding pattern for who knows how long until the dealer and I come up with a plan for remediation.

I wound up first grabbing my MSX only to realize it was only half charged.  I then grabbed my KingSong 16X which had enough juice for the trip.  I immediately missed the V11 suspension as the road surface bumps and cracks sent jolts of pain up my sore lower body and back.  Katie, Cindy and DJ met me at Home Depot for a family home improvement shopping trip.  I threw my wheel and gear into Katie’s truck for the trip home.

We got absolutely pounded with rain later in the afternoon.  I am sure we got at least two inches if not three.  The good news is all of the areas the we elevated remained puddle free, just as I hoped.  Sunday evening I kept busy with video editing, 3D printer work and even got a chance to play a little WoW, something I have not done in approaching two weeks.


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