Water bomb, Late night, Covid Cleaning

For the third day in a row our property has gotten hammered with rain.  Although the back of the chicken yard has remained standing water free that hasn’t prevented the coop platform and run area from being under water.  I plan to pick up 10 bags of sand after work to at least get the chicken run above sea level.  So far I have not seen any evidence of the coyote trying to circumvent our new 8 foot tall fencing but I will continue to be monitoring the situation daily.

Last night I was up until midnight shooting and editing videos for the V11.  It turns out it was good I did because the wheel is getting shipped back out for repair or replacement today hopefully.  My ass is dragging.

I had my first dentist visit since the pandemic started.  It was pretty uneventful outside of some procedural changes like calling from the parking lot so they let you in, filling out a Covid questionnaire, and having my temperature checked.  Hopefully by the time my next check up arrives in February things have gotten better instead of worse….

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