The Lights Work, Turning Over the Collection

With a tropical storm/ hurricane predicted to affect our weather this weekend I decided to take advantage of my first non-rain evening of the week last night to get out on the mower.  The new bahia sod that we put down grows like weeds in the summer and was in dire need of trimming.  I figured if we get buried in rain from the storm I wouldn’t have many opportunities to get the mowing done.  I really like the new Husqrvana tractor, it does a great job of powering through even thick wet grass.  I even got to try out the LED headlights as the sun disappeared as I finished up the last section of the yard.  I emerged from the backyard tired but glad that something could be struck off the weekend to do list.

Last night I also packed up my Gotway Monster which I sold to a guy in NYC.  I just bought a second suspension style EUC  and I am selling my Monster and my KingSong 18XL to offset the expense.  Now that I have experienced the tangible benefits of suspension EUCs it made sense to me to move out a couple of my non-suspension wheels that were seeing minimal use anyway.

The Monster does have some fond memories associated with it.  It was one of the two wheels Cindy and I took on our northeastern road trip three years ago.  I recall zipping around the boardwalk of Rehoboth Beach, the streets of Boston, and the carriage trails of Cadillac Mountain in Maine on the wheel.  Hopefully it serves it’s new owner well on the rough streets of NYC.

This weekend I have things to tend to that will keep me busy as usual.  At least my left knee is slowly improving.  There is still a limp but it is more a 75 year old limp instead of an 85.

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