The storm before the calm?

Last night I got around to migrating Cindy onto my old computer.  Her migration is a lot simpler as she uses her computer for mostly basic tasks.  It only took me about an hour until she was logged in and working on the system.  There are still some things I will need to get off that system for me but at this point I feel pretty confident the migration was successful all the way around.

So we are now one week out from election day.  Like most of America I hope to wake up next Wednesday with the feeling of a huge weight being lifted off the back of the country.  Imagine a world where every single day is not polluted with something stupid Donald Trump did, said or tweeted.  I hunger for that reality and hope it comes to fruition.  I want a leader that is mindful of the greater good and that wants to take the steps necessary to ensure the world is not a toilet for the generations that follow instead of the f you, it’s only about here and now, me, me, and especially me that we have been dealing with since 2016.  Despite my overall pessimistic outlook on human beings, I hope that next Wednesday is the start of a brand new reality instead of stepping off the edge into four more years of darkness, ignorance, and unabated greed.

Oh yea the senate ram rodded Barret into the SCOTUS with unprecedented speed, hypocrisy and utter disregard for fairness.  Just another day in the Trump circus.


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