No sleep, no snow

The past two nights for some reason I have had awful sleep filled with waking up and long efforts to fall bask asleep.  They also have been punctuated by a lot of dreams, the details of which have been escaping me.  This morning I was so tired I fell back asleep immediately after silencing the alarm, waking up a half hour late.  The end result was no shower, a slammed Pop Tart breakfast, and hauling ass to get out the door.  I still managed to get to the office on time just in a more disheveled manner than normal.

The northeast appears to be buried in a nasty storm today.  I still have distinct memories of the misery associated with snowstorms as an adult.  The grocery store panic, endless shoveling, and driving on ice rink-like roads were part of the reason I yearned to relocate 1200 miles to the south.  The adult snow experience eclipses the wonder, anticipation and excitement I had about snow as a child.  I have had some stinging reminders of what real winter is during some of our winter visits to PA over the years, I am more than fine keeping them at arms length.  All my friends and families in the northeast, I offer you my sincere condolences.

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