Watch party, Blow up, Genuine Chill

Last night Katie and DJ were over.  We had dinner while we watched a show.  Of course as he is approaching the age of 2, DJ is not going to sit quietly to watch a program.  He had fun making his rounds, eating a little, drinking a little, playing with Elsa, his toys, while visiting all three of us at varying times.  It brings a unique energy when DJ is around so it is always entertaining and enjoyable when they are both over at the house.

I have always been all about space exploration dating back to a young child when I thought being an astronomer would be sort of awesome.  I watched the test flight of SN9 yesterday which ended in a similar fashion to SN8 with a fiery explosion landing, however for what appears a different reason.  Although SpaceX and Elon have not released any preliminary data for the failure, it seemed like the second Raptor engine that was supposed to fire up for landing instead sputtered and flamed out.  With SN8 the official cause was listed as a lack of fuel pressure to the engines.  This time it seemed like the engine just flat out failed.

Even with the back to back failures, thanks to SpaceX’s incredible ability to pump out test Starship prototypes, it won’t be long till they are back at it, pushing the envelope.  You needed no further proof than the fact that SN10 was already on the launch pad a couple hundred yards from SN9.

While the northeast is digging out from a big snowstorm, us Floridians have been dealing with some of the coldest weather in awhile.  There is a good shot that temperatures tonight at our place will dip into the 30’s.  The “thinning of blood” that people use as a way to describe the lack of cold tolerance many Florida residents have is a real thing.  When I first moved to Florida I used to laugh at people that bundled up like eskimos when the high temps only get into the 50’s or 60’s.  Although I still don’t reach for a winter coat and have kept my “no coat worn to work ever” streak alive for going on 21 years, I most definitely am more bothered by cold air than I once was.

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