Was going to ignore, Frosted

Regular blog readers will recall the ordeal I went through when I got my colonoscopy 3 years ago.  Between choking down the prep solution, the toilet endurance events and then my actually being sick with something that felt like the flu at the same time, it was sort of a nightmare.  During the exam a pre-cancerous polyp was found and removed.  The doctor said because of that I should have a follow up in three years just to make sure nothing bad takes hold.  I clearly recall thinking at the time he told me that, “good luck with that” as I had absolutely no desire to repeat those events anytime soon.  I recall thinking that I’ll get my next one in 5 years, maybe.

So you can imagine my joy when I got an email this week reminding me that three years has flown by already.  I almost insta-deleted the email, recalling my vow to ignore the 3 year advice.  However after a pause and some adult thinking I reconsidered and scheduled the procedure which will happen in early March.  My thought process involved considering the responsibilities I have and how colon cancer would be an experience far worse than any colonoscopy in the long run.  It won’t be fun for sure but perhaps like most things in life, the second time will be easier than the first.  Another sour part of this is unlike my procedure 3 years ago, which was paid entirely by the county, any follow ups outside of their once a decade preventative maintenance schedule occurs on my dime. (and insurance)

So the coldest air in probably two years blanketed our area this morning.  The coldest reading I saw in the car was 36 degrees.  It was cold enough to deposit frost at various spots around the yard and do things like partially freeze the chickens water.  For many years I used to run a chinese fill drill when cold temps like this rolled in, trying to cover cold sensitive landscape with blankets, buckets, and frost cloth.

I no longer do this, content to let plants that don’t tolerate cold take the hit because despite my covering efforts in the past, they never seemed to really change the outcome much.  This scenario of giving less damns about certain household tasks has been a trend that has been gaining momentum over the last decade or so.




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