22 percent, Scary good

I started my first BIG print in quite while, a full size Mandalorian helmet.  This print is looking like it may consume the most filament ever. In retrospect I should have used more conservative slicer settings.  We are on day two and have only completed 22% of the print but have already used almost an entire 1 KG roll of filament already.  I snap bought two more rolls of filament this morning.  At nearly $25 a roll this will also be the most expensive print I ever have done.  I am crossing my fingers the print actually completes, these massive prints are always very risky.

Last night I got to play some more Half Life Alyx, the game is so damn good.  The environment is so hyper-realistic you feel genuine fear as a zombie is bearing down on you as you have only a couple bullets left in the chamber of your pistol.  Reloading your gun doesn’t just mean hitting a button on a joystick.  I have to actually reach up over my shoulder to grab a new magazine, jam it into the gun and then grab the barrel to cock it.  Doing this under duress is something I am not very good at, yet.

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