Ready for liftoff, Like LSD

I had my brief consult for my colonoscopy this morning.  It was like a gross GroundHogs Day as I had gone through this almost exactly three years ago.  I got a reminder of the fun that awaits me starting next Thursday when I begin an all liquid diet.  The real adventure starts Thursday evening when I take my first dose of “prep” which will invoke end of world diarrhea.  I’m not sure which is worse, the time on the bowl or trying to choke down the solution which is one of the worst tasting things I have ever put down my throat.  The news only improves from there as I set an alarm for 3:30AM to take the second and final dose of prep.

The first time I had this done it was made worse by the fact that I was coming down with something like the flu at the same time as the procedure.  I am hoping to at least be healthy going in this time.  I recall doing tons of sleeping  and not much else the 24 hours after the last go round. I know this is an important/smart thing to get done so I will tolerate the couple days of misery to avoid the true nightmare of colon cancer.

Last night Cindy and I played some virtual bowling.  As has become customary, despite my hundreds if not thousands of games of real bowling in my life, on the virtual lanes I lose.  It was still fun as we interacted with some other people that were in the same lane with us.  After we were done bowling Cindy signed out but I jumped over into VR Chat which is a bizarro world filled with non-stop visual overload and random interactions with other human beings.  During my 90 minute session in there I had Ronald McDonald reciting poetry to me, me getting motion sick when I made the mistake of getting on a virtual spring ride that rocked back and forth, told to “get down on the ground” by a virtual SWAT team that came charging into my zone, and numerous other interactions that just make me LOL repeatedly.  I have never taken LSD but if I did, I imagine VR Chat would be a good simulation of the experience.

This weekend I have a healthy list of tasks I want to complete.  Cindy got a head start on it by getting the back yard mowed.  I want to basically mow everything so it’s uniform.  I have a few small mods I want to put on the Model Y and I am also targeting the big shed for a complete cleaning/throw out/organization effort.  It’s getting out of hand.  I really am not a fan of things being piled up in haphazard ways.  Once the clutter reaches a certain point I just have to address it sooner rather than later.



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