False expectations

So I have had a lot of anticipation about a package ship notice I got direct from China via Fedex last week.  I assumed the new wheel I was supposedly going to be sent to review was on it’s way as there wasn’t anything else I could think of that would come to me in this manner.  I had disappointment when the package didn’t show up on Wednesday as originally intended, however it was on the truck for delivery yesterday.

Cindy was going to be in and out yesterday so I put the sign on the door for Fedex, indicating if they needed a signature for the big box they could get it at the neighbor next door.  I was excited when I got back from the gym yesterday to see an email from Fedex saying the package was delivered!  I fired up my Ring app to the time of delivery to see the glorious box arrive.  What I see is a minivan pull into the driveway with a small temporary Fedex sign affixed to it’s side. Weird, but ok an EUC box could fit in there still.  I then see a woman open up the side door and retrieve the box, which fits in the palm of her hand….wtf….

Obviously this was not an EUC.  I asked Cindy to open the box for me.  The package that I assumed was a wheel instead was a set of four Apple Air Tags.  For some reason they were drop shipped from China.  Sure it was nice to have them show up but man, was I disappointed.  Oh well, you know what happens when you assume, making an ass out of u and me.

I did set up one of my air tags last night, putting it into my wallet to give me a solid chance to retrieve it if something bad went down.  I have three more remaining, I need to decide what items are worthy of being tracked on Apple’s super secret mesh network.  I also received the part I needed to fix one of my printers that was sitting eviscerated on my work bench.  I put the printer back together before bed, it felt good to do so.  I have two more printers that need some attention.

Today is the last day of my tortuously long two day work week.  Our quick trip to the space center starts tomorrow but it’s only for a couple days.  I took off next Mon-Wed to give me some extra time to attend to normal things before heading back for another 2 day slog.  We are taking the Model Y.  It will be the longest road trip Cindy has done with me in the Tesla.  I look forward to at least getting a small taste of a road trip.  I would love to be able to get a real cross country road trip in next year.

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