Another shorty

I am wrapping up another lightning quick two day work week, something I certainly enjoy but unfortunately can not expect to get accustomed to.  The second half of the year at work is going to be a busy one due to a huge new building that we will be constructing/occupying.  The staff that will occupy this new building is going to have to be temporarily moved out of their present office at the end of July so that will be a nice little headache to deal with.

This weekend I need to address the mower which has some sort of blade issue which I hope is easy to fix.  I have not had to crawl under the deck of the Husqvarna yet.  I also have a number of smaller things to get done.  I feel the need to do a sweep of the house to get things in order, our busy schedule thus far in June has left things more disheveled than I like. It’s a treadmill that never stops spinning.



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