Let’s try again, Feels good between my legs, Am I really doing this

Due to some technical difficulties I was unable to post yesterday, hopefully things go smoother today.  I received my new V12 on Tuesday and wasted no time doing a livestream to document my initial impressions.  During the nearly two hour broadcast I gave my thoughts about the wheel and several other subjects, some of which had absolutely no EUC connection.

Last night I go to do a short road test and was immediately impressed.  The wheel felt fantastic.  It was strong, nimble, fast and felt planted to the road thanks to it’s nearly 65 pounds of weight.  During the test I ran into Jeremiah, the guy I rode with before.  He was going down his street walking his two dogs while riding his EUC, it was a funny sight.  We chatted for a bit and I held onto his dogs so he could take the V12 for a quick spin.  It was an unexpected bonus.  We both said we need to get out to ride together again.  Weather permitting and back pain permitting I am hoping to get a lot of riding in over the weekend.  I did document the ride last night, of course.

So yesterday I got the closing documents for the vacant lot I am selling.  It looks like we are locked and loaded to complete the transaction tomorrow afternoon.  It still feels weird that I am finally unloading at least one of the two worst investments I ever made in my life.  I have mostly erased them from my mind over the last 18 years except when I have to pay the property tax bills every year.  I am hoping to now focus on getting the other one moved as well.  Now that I have the template for what is involved in selling a lot privately, the next transaction should go even smoother.