Back in the saddle

Yesterday was my first time taking the new Model Y LR on my daily work commute.  It felt great.  The massive power lets me have brief bursts of excitement on demand when conditions allow for it and autopilot lets the car handle the drudgery of the stop and go traffic that is part of the ride as well.  I didn’t realize how much I missed the Tesla before I got one again.  Tomorrow I get the front windows tinted, a necessity IMO living in Florida.  The difference in intensity of heat coming in that window once it is tinted is pretty dramatic.

Last night a good portion of my evening was spent catching up on recorded DVR content.  Many of these shows are things Cindy and I would watch together as we enjoyed the reactions they would invoke in us.  Although I plan to try to finish up any seasons that we already started of “our” shows, I may be doing a major culling of recorded tv programming in the future.  It’s just not as fun watching certain things alone and my free time is going to be more compressed as is.

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