Forcing, First Shop, Off a Cliff

I read the new stuff that Biden is rolling out to encourage more vaccinations.  To be honest, I don’t like it.  Despite my thinking that in the big picture getting vaccinated is a good thing for most people, I also don’t think it should be mandatory.  I look at it this way.  If you have reasonable concern about getting or spreading covid you are probably vaccinated.  If you don’t feel that way and you choose to go unvaccinated that’s fine with me.  Hopefully if you catch covid you will gain natural immunity. The bad part is if you are one of these individuals that have other health issues going on that can land you in the hospital in the meantime.  But hey, if you are willing to take that risk and pay those medical bills, go ahead. I understand the place this gets sticky is with kids.  They don’t have that freedom of choice.

A lot of unvaxxed people now are relying on the crutch of these Regeneron clinics to utilize if they get covid.  While that is certainly another option which is being paid for by the federal government, keep in mind a dose of Pfizer vaccine costs roughly $20.  The Regeneron protocol is $2000 plus, just saying.  It’s kind of like instead of just brushing your teeth to prevent cavities, getting a set of veneers instead. If you are one of those bitching and complaining about excessive federal spending and use a Regeneron clinic you are part of the problem.

So to summarize do I think you should strongly consider getting vaccinated? Yes.  Do I think it should be mandated with the only opt out being weekly nose swabbing? No.  Darwin will sort it all out in the end I guess.

Last night I made my first shopping trip to Publix since my split from Cindy.  I never minded grocery shopping in the past but that was another one of those tasks that was pretty exclusively done by her, so it felt a bit foreign.  One of the things I did notice was the increase in food prices compared to what I last recalled.  It felt substantial.  I tried to mostly stick to the hand scribbled list I made although there were spur of the moment additions if something caught my eye.  I managed to get out of there spending less than $100 so it wasn’t too impactful.

Overall I have been doing a decent job of staying busy/distracted enough to not dwell on the change in my relationship status.  However during a brief respite in that effort I pictured our time together as one huge rubber band ball.  Each rubber band representing an accomplishment, a memory, a special moment, a shared experience that over time became this huge ball of what was.  The next visualization was taking that ball that has been built band by band over many years to the edge of a cliff, and pushing it over the edge, watching it disappear into the rocks below.  It’s a tough reality to digest, especially for someone like me that has a hard time discarding t-shirts from 7th grade, due to sentimental value.

Weekend will be busy, nuff said.


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