It looks like I am going to try to sell 2 and possibly three PEVs in my collection to justify/help pay for two more.  The Dualtron scooter that I bought for Cindy is crazy powerful and crazy fast but is also crazy heavy, making it difficult for her to manage on her own so that will be on the block soon.  I also intend to sell my KingSong S18, a great suspension wheel but I will be replacing it with an even better suspension wheel, the S20.  Finally I think I may sell my OneWheel Pint.  I love riding the thing but the reality is I hardly ever do ride it so the more practical solution is to just sell that as well, I still will hold onto the Big Daddy OneWheeel XR.

The other wheel I am adding is the iconic Ninebot Z10.  I am buying a used one.  This wheel is so unique with it’s fat motorcycle-like tire.  I reviewed one when they first came out three years ago and always had an itch to add one to my collection, despite it’s specs being average at best compared to today’s crop of wheels.  I am scratching that itch now.

My PEV collection is just one of a ton of things that will be reflecting significant change in the upcoming months.

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