The Long Journey

Tonight after work I am picking up Sadie for a visit while Ali is out of town.  This is the first time I am doing so since Ali sold her place and moved to Fort Myers to live in an apartment until she figures out her next move.  The process of Sadie exchange used to be pretty easy as Ali’s old place was sort of on my way to and from work.  That is no longer the case.  Ali said it works out to be almost an hour drive from my place to theirs so the convenience has been yanked out of the equation.  We still will make it work but it’s going to require more coordination with us meeting at halfway points or something like that. Tonight however I am driving all the way there so I can see their new place and have dinner.

I can already see my pile of to do’s for the weekend growing from here.  I wish I could mow the grass on a weeknight but standing water and the rapidly diminishing amount of daylight makes that impossible.

Remember that new office we are building that is scheduled to open later this year? It’s big, really big.



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